3 Captains Match - 2nd November 2020



3 Captains Match - Gainsborough Course - 2nd November 2020


Whoever said that golf / wind / rain should never be mixed was completely right ! A particularly windy day, with sudden, but brief, rain showers made it a particularly challenging round.

One member was very grateful to the club’s green staff who were amazingly fast off the mark, breaking off from a deserved coffee break, as Martin Brown’s electric trolley made a bolt for freedom from the 17th green, heading straight for the lake. Sadly, no photo available!


Start Sheet for the 3 Captain’s match – Gainsborough Course 2/11/2020

1st Tee

​                       Captain’s Team​​​            VC Team​​                           Past Captain’s Team



Terry Mitchell    31

Malcolm Norton       33

Ian Bickers


Peter Jay

Peter Hele               32

Steve Ling


David Wilson         32

Christopher Bridge

Malcolm Jones


David E Jones

Collin Broadhurst

Lionel Hatch        29


Mike Moore      34

Andy Higginson     33

Steven Tree         40


Robin Owen

Roger Davies       30

Richard Middleton


Roger Fleuty         32

Tony Denmead    30

Tony Carman       38


Brian Willsher      33

Alan Line

Dick Lumsden     29


Steve Stacey       29

Adrian Cherry

Mike Aldir


Ian McKay          30

Philip Hickley

Alan Hands


10th Tee


Peter Garnett

Allen Smith         38

Brian Castle


Martin Brown

Rodney Harman   36

Paul Sandfield      37


John Russell

John Smith           35

Robert Ogles       28


Keith Prichard     33

Gordon Bryan

David Drew         35


Iain Gault           32

Reg Reid

Graham Vandervord


Neil Farmer

Norman Davidson     34

Philip Brennan      31


John Williams    34

Barry Hitchcock

Richard Saunders


David Seymour

Phil Ledger

Alex Giddens       30


Ray Firth

John Jardine          37

John Parkinson    33


Team result ........

       Captain’s team  320        VC team  338         Past Captain’s team   330


Congratulations to the Vice Captain’s team


The 3 Captain’s match will be a non-qualifying stableford competition with full handicap allowance played from Green Tee boxes.

Played in three’s the best 10 scores from each team are totalled and the team with the highest score wins. In the event of a tie then the scores of the eleventh team member (and so on) count.

Please sign in before play and enter your scores on HDID as usual or on the PSI unit in the clubhouse as soon as you can when you have finished your round. 

Entry Fee is £3:00 playable in the pro-shop prior to playing. Contactless payment if possible.

Please ignore the start sheet on ClubV1/HDID as we are unable to make any amendments due to the changeover to WHS. 

Should there be any problems with entering scores please take a photograph of your score card and send it to me at brantham4@sky.com


Allen Smith

Senior’s Competition Organiser