To provide competitive and social golf for Senior members and to afford all members the opportunity of playing on other courses and of extending their circle of golfing friends.


Membership of the Section is open to all male members of the Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club, who have reached the age of 60 years, at the time of making their application and also to male members of the Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club, who have reached the age of 55 years and are fully retired, at the time of making their application and who  remain fully retired, until otherwise eligible. The Committee may, at their discretion, close the membership, if they consider that the numbers are unmanageable. In addition the Committee shall have the power to grant Associate Membership to former members of the Section who have resigned from the Club but who have given outstanding service to and wish to maintain a link with the Section.


Members of the Section who are obliged, through ill health or physical disability, to cease playing golf but continue as Social Members of the Club (referred to below as category A) and members of the Section, who attain the age of 80 years and have been members of the Section for 10 years or more (referred to below as category B or C), shall whilst they remain members of the Club, become Honorary Members of the Section.  Category B members are those who are Honorary Members as at 31st October 2016.  Category C members are those who become Honorary Members on or after 1st November 2016

Honorary Members in categories A and B shall be entitled to membership of the Section and the retention of their voting rights, without payment of Annual Contributions to the Section's funds and shall be granted exemption from Starting Duties at the Club’s major competitions, which are a requirement for members under the Commitments section of this document.  

Honorary Members in Category B, shall also be entitled to enter the Section's competitions, without payment of an entry fee, although they must still “sign-in”.

Honorary Members in Category C shall have the same entitlements as Category B members except that they will not be eligible to win a share of any prize fund unless they opt to pay the entry fee.

Associate Members shall not be required to pay any Subscription or Annual Contribution to the Section’s funds but shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to stand for election either as an Officer or as a member of the Committee and (except by invitation from the Committee and on payment of such fee as shall be prescribed by the Club) shall have no playing rights.


The Officers

The following Officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.

​ Captain           

The Captain will serve for one year, after which he will become Immediate Past Captain and remain on the Committee in this capacity. He will then retire from the Committee but will be eligible for election in any other capacity. The Captain will receive expenses, the total amount of which may not be more than the equivalent of a 5 day membership and this must be supported by a schedule of monies spent.  

​ Vice-Captain​

To serve for one year after which, subject to election, he will become Captain, for the following year.


1. The posts of Captain and Vice-Captain can only be filled by members who have belonged to the Section for more than two years.

2.  The Vice Captain shall normally be nominated by the Captain  but any  two paid-up members of  the Section  may  propose  and  second  an alternative  candidate,  for either  or  both of the offices of Captain  and/or Vice Captain, subject to 14 days  written notice of such proposal(s). 

​Secretary​                                                                                                                                    ​     

To serve for one year, after which he will be eligible for  re-election each year, in that   capacity,  with  no  limit  to  the  number  of  years he may continue  in office. 

Treasurer - As for Secretary (see above)

Match Secretary - As for Secretary (see above)

Membership Communications Officer - As for Secretary (see above)

The Committee

The Section will be run by a Committee comprising the Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Member Communications Officer, the Immediate Past Captain and three other members elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. Each committee member shall serve a maximum term of 3 years, after which he may put himself up for re-election.  After two successive terms in office, committee members must resign and will not be eligible for re-election, for a period of one year. The individual responsibilities of each committee member shall be determined by the new Captain, before the first Committee meeting, following the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee shall be authorised to co-opt a member or members to fill any casual vacancy, which arises during the Section’s year and, additionally, shall be authorised  to co-opt up to two further members for specific duties.  Such co-opted  members shall retire at the next  Annual General Meeting but, subject to  the  Rules  of  the  Section,   shall  be  eligible  for  election  in the same or some other capacity.

Five voting members shall form the quorum for Committee Meetings.

The Committee may appoint such sub-committees as they require; in addition there will be a Standing Disciplinary Committee consisting of the Captain, Secretary and one other member of the Committee (excluding the Vice- Captain and Treasurer). Any Appeals Committee needed as a result of a disciplinary procedure will consist of the Vice-Captain, Treasurer and a Member of the Committee who has not sat on the Disciplinary Committee which has considered the subject of the Appeal.

The Selection Committee for any ‘competitive’ inter-club competition will comprise the Captain, Vice- Captain and Secretary.

A list of the Officers and Committee Members of the Section shall be posted on the Section’s Notice Board at all times.


New members shall pay the Section a joining fee, both this and the annual contribution from each member to the Section’s Fund, will be recommended by the Committee on the advice of the Treasurer and will be submitted to the A.G.M. for approval.  Each new member shall be presented with a Section Tie and Programme & Membership booklet. 

Annual Subscriptions are due on 01 November.  Any subscriptions unpaid as at 31 December will incur an additional penalty equal to the annual subscription.  The membership of any member who has not paid by 31 January will be automatically cancelled and the member would be required to apply to rejoin at the current cost of joining.

FINANCIAL YEAR                

The Financial Year of the Section shall end on 30th September and final accounts shall be prepared up to and as at that date in each year for presentation to the Annual General Meeting, for its approval. The accounts shall be examined and certified as being accurate by an examiner appointed for that purpose by the Committee of the Club.


The Annual General Meeting of the Section shall be held each year in late October/early November. Notice of the date of a General Meeting shall be posted, by the Secretary, on the Section’s Notice Board not less than twenty one days before the Meeting. At the same time the Secretary will also post a list of any Officer  

and Committee vacancies.

Any Member qualified to vote at a General Meeting who wishes to submit a resolution for consideration at the Meeting or who wishes to nominate an Officer or Committee Member shall send a copy of such resolution or nomination to the Secretary, duly seconded by a qualified member, at least 14 days before the Meeting. 

At least seven days prior to the Meeting the Secretary shall post on the notice board an Agenda for the Meeting, including the full text of any resolutions and the nominees for Officer and Committee vacancies.

The Committee may also call an Extraordinary General Meeting when any matter of urgent importance shall occur, and shall be bound to do so within one month of receiving a requisition signed by 15 members of the section requesting one.

The Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting shall have power to vary this constitution. The quorum for such meetings will be twenty five voting members.


All members are eligible to take part in Seniors’ Section Competitions except for “The Senior Veterans Cup,” open only to those over 70 on the date of the competition. 

All Competitions will be played under the rules of Golf, as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf of St. Andrew’s, Scotland. In any dispute the decision of the Senior’s Section Committee will be final.


The use of auctions at charity events is restricted to one each year and should only be at events where invited guests are not present.      

COMMITMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                               Each member of the Section will be expected to co-operate with the Committee, in fulfilling certain obligations to the Club, such as the provision of “Starters” for major Club events.

All members are requested to take a full part in the friendly matches that are played during the year and to support any social functions arranged by the Vets.

Members will be required to act in a courteous manner to all other members and guests and when playing in matches, to be hosts to members of other Clubs, who are guests of the Section.


The following procedures are intended to cover situations which arise within the Section resulting from inappropriate behaviour by a Member or Members of the Section.

Should a Member transgress the Rules of Golf, the Rules of the Section or behave in a way that is likely to bring the Section or Club into disrepute, then these disciplinary procedures may be instigated.  

Any such transgression can be brought to the notice of the Disciplinary Committee by one or more members of the Section formally notifying either the Captain or in his absence the Vice Captain either in writing or verbally within 48 hours of the alleged offence.   Generally, minor indiscretions will then be dealt with by the Captain, but should the Captain feel that the formal procedures should be instigated or the Member concerned be unwilling to accept any penalty imposed by the Captain, then the formal procedures detailed below will be instigated.

On receipt of the complaint either from the Captain or Vice Captain, the Secretary will as soon as possible convene a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee which will consider the gravity of the alleged offence. If the Committee considers that the offence, if proved, might result in either the suspension or expulsion of 

the Member from the Section then the Committee shall immediately refer the matter to the Club President to be determined in accordance with the Club’s Disciplinary Procedure and notify the Member concerned. Otherwise, the following procedure will apply.

The Secretary will seek to assemble the facts including a written note of the complaint from the complainant, advise the person being complained about of the nature of the complaint and give him 7 days to submit any evidence in writing (though the member is not compelled to submit any evidence) before convening a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee by serving a minimum of 14 days’ notice, at which all the evidence will be considered.  At that meeting, under normal circumstances, the Committee would hear first from the Complainant and any other evidence before hearing the person being complained about.  The person being complained about has the right to sit in on the hearing, state his case and submit evidence. He may be assisted by another member.

Should the Member fail to turn up at the hearing, having been given due notice as above, the hearing may continue in his absence.

The Committee will then consider its decision in private, though may invite a legal adviser to be present if considered necessary. The Committee shall determine the matter on the balance of probabilities according to the evidence submitted at the hearing.

The Committee may, on finding the Member guilty of an offence apply such sanction as it considers appropriate. Any decision of the Committee will be served in writing to the Member within seven days of the hearing.

Should the Member wish to appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, then this appeal must be submitted within 14 days of the date of the Disciplinary Committee’s hearing and will be heard by the Appeals Committee within 28 days of that date. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.  Any appeal must be submitted in writing, giving full grounds for the appeal.  The decision of the Appeals Committee will be forwarded to the Member within 7 days of the hearing.

On completion of any proceedings which should be thoroughly documented, the Club President should be informed and a detailed record kept of the proceedings for at least three years.  In addition, the Captain will maintain a log of all disciplinary matters dealt with, which is to be passed on to his successors, and all disciplinary matters will be reported to the Main Seniors Committee at their next regular meeting and minuted.

Any Disciplinary Proceedings must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the English Golf Union (if any) so far as they are applicable to the Section and in the event of any inconsistency between this procedure and any such recommendations, this procedure shall be modified to the extent necessary so as to comply with those recommendations.