SBN Senior’s Constitution

A copy of the latest Seniors Constitution can be found here.

Joining - how do I join?

You need to be a 5 Day or 7 Day member of the Mens Section of the Stoke by Nayland Golf Club AND either 60 years of age or over OR 55 years of age or over and fully retired.

Then simply fill in an application form and return it with your membership fee to the address on the form.

Joining - how much is it to join?

The joining fee for 2021 is £20:00 which includes your Seniors' tie and £10:00p for the year - best value in Town!

Handicap - what's the requirement?

For existing members of the Golf Club you would bring your Club Golf Handicap with you, however if you don't have an Official handicap yet, you would be expected to qualify for a CONGU recognised handicap as a matter of urgency. If you are unsure about your position, please speak to the Main Golf Club Secretary.

Competitions - How do I take part?

Nearly all competitions are now entered through How Did I Do, the remainder are entered by adding your name to the list on the Seniors' Section notice boards on the right hand side of the main corridor as you enter the Golf side of the main building. 

Read the entry forms carefully and put your name down - its that simple. Drawn competitions will have the tee times published later giving your start time and your playing partners or opponents.

Make a note in your diary of what you have entered and your tee off time as you are solely responsible for your entry and penalties can be incurred for missing a competition without following our notification procedure.

Competitions - what if I can't play having entered?

All of us have this problem from time to time but as a courtesy to other players and to avoid problems in the competition we are quite strict about what you should do.

You are solely responsible for removing your name from a competition tee time entry sheet and you MUST inform the competition organiser or failing him the Seniors' Captain or the Honorary Secretary. If it is at the last moment - ring the Pro Shop at the Golf Club.Often there are reserves who are noted on the bottom of the tee time entry form and you should try the first on that list to see if they can replace you. It is normal to tell your playing partners who were scheduled to start at the same time.

If you do nothing and fail to turn up to make your tee off time then the usual penalty is to be banned for 1 month from all competitions both Veterans' and Main Club.

Competitions - drawn entries

To enter just put your name down on HDID. The HDID system arranges the draw and you will receive an e.mail advising you of your tee time.

You will normally have at least 2 weeks notice of your exact tee off time and which tee you will start from on the course.

Inter Club Matches

During the Spring and Summer we play a number of Inter Club Matches home and away with Clubs in our area.

The entry sheets are posted on our notice board on the right hand side of the entrance corridor on the Golf side of the Main building. Just put your name down on the form.

The teams are normally made up of 16 players so, as you will see, there are generally more entries than there are team places.

If you wish to play in matches against other clubs you must have played in at least three Seniors Stableford or Medal competitions during the 12 months prior to your entry unless you are a new member in your first year with the section.

The competition for places is strong but every effort is made to play entrants sometime during the season. If you're not successful please keep trying.

Annual General Meeting

The next AGM will be held at 3.15pm on Monday 1st November 2021 at the Stoke by Nayland Club.

Full details will be published on the notice board. All members of the Seniors' Section are welcome, whether playing or not.

This is the only formal meeting of the year and gives the membership the opportunity to raise issues under the formal proposition procedure (via the Honorary Secretary), vote on the candidates for Captaincy and Committee and raise other immediate issues under "any other business".

The incoming and out going Captains inform us of developments and the Treasurer provides interesting reading with the annual accounts.

Jacket and tie are the normal dress but we would rather see you at the AGM than stay away, if that's not possible.

Captain's Charity

Each year the Seniors' Captain nominates a charity which will benefit from the charitable collections that are made throughout the year. Donations are purely voluntary and often arise from special events, raffles and one off social occasions.

The Captains Charity for the current year is the British Heart Foundation and you can view further information here.

Senior Captain's Prize day

On Monday 17th May 2021 we will have our monthly stableford competition followed by a lunch and the Seniors' Captain prize giving. This is when the prizes for the winter competitions are presented along with a special prize for the best score on the day. Dress code will be publicised ahead of the lunch.

Club President's Prize Day

On Wednesday 21st July 2021

 the Club President will join us for our Stableford Competition and present a prize for the best score on the day. 

Committee - how do I raise an issue or query?

You can either write or email the Honorary Secretary with the details and he will advise you of the best way to proceed. Alternatively you can raise the issue with the Seniors' Captain or any member of the Committee and they will bring the matter forward. Urgent matters and issues are normally determined by the Captain in consultation with the appropriate Committee members.

Essex County Card

The Essex County card provides an opportunity to receive discounted golf fees from around 700 clubs across a wide area.

The County Cards are available from the Golf Club Secretary - these are now issued to affiliated club members free of charge.

For details about the Essex County card click here


How do I do it and what’s the procedure

All sales and services must be golf related items although that covers a wide variety of things. Please make sure that all items are in a saleable condition and safe. please read carefully the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of every web page.

The procedure for SALES is quite simple

  • Make up a description of the item, a sale price and contact details
  • Take a digital photograph if possible
  • Add any other details that you think will help the sale ( keep it short and snappy)
  • Email all of the details to the following address             


It’s that easy

For SERVICES it similar

  • Description of the service and the contact details
  • Brief note of your experience using the service
  • If they have a website – what is the web address so that I can link them to the service information?
  • Email all of the details to the following address       


Could not be easier

If you don’t have any computing skills – write it down and give it to any Seniors Committee Member.

It will be expect that 5% of the final sale price will be donated by the seller to the Captains Charity