Inter-Club - "How It Works"



Each year, Stoke by Nayland Seniors’ section fields a team to play in matches against other local clubs, at home and away. Each team is made up of sixteen members, playing eight four-ball, better ball games. The prime objective behind team selection is to find a place for everyone throughout all the matches who puts his name forward to play, and pick teams that will give both an enjoyable day out and good opposition for the other team.

If you wish to play in these matches you must have an active handicap, have played in at least three Seniors Stableford or Medal competitions during the twelve months prior to your entry (unless you are a new member in your first year), and be registered in the Squad via the Club V1 Members Hub/Club Teams app. Once registered, you will have visibility of all the fixtures and can then select your "availability" to play. A Practice Guide of how to register in the squad and use the system to show your availability to play is set out below. 

Team selection will be made from all those who have indicated their availability using the on-line system. For each match, the team will be selected 2 weeks in advance of the match date and all players selected will be notified by email. The team sheet will also be posted on the Noticeboard and the Seniors website. If you are selected all you need to do is reply by email to the Match Secretary by way of confirmation.

In the event that you have been selected and then realise you cannot play, then you should contact the first available reserve on the team sheet and invite him to play instead of you. (All telephone numbers are in the members’ diary). If he cannot play then you ask the next reserve and so on. When you have found a replacement, it is imperative that you contact the Match Secretary to advise him of the change. If there are no reserves available, contact the Match Secretary who will then find a replacement. Simply crossing out your name on the team sheet is unacceptable. Failure to keep the Match Secretary informed of problems which means the team is short, or failure to turn up, is totally unacceptable and may result in a ban from further matches.

As a playing member of the team, you would be expected to wear the Seniors’ white golf club shirt and maroon golf jersey or pullover; these items of clothing have the Seniors’ club logo on them. If you don’t have these items or need to replace them, please contact the seniors committee.

Most of our inter club matches both home and away have a meal following play; Jacket and Seniors’ club tie or Smart Casual is the expected dress code. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact the Match Secretary with details as soon as possible.


Practice Guide to Club V1 Squad Registration/Team Selection.

1. On the home page of the Club V1 Members Hub select the “Club” tag in the heading and then from the menu that automatically appears select “Club Teams”.

2. On the next page that automatically appears, under “Available Teams” click the box in the right hand corner of “Seniors Inter Club 2020” and then click “View Team Details” from the drop down menu that appears.

3. The next page has a tab “Apply Now” – click on this and a request will automatically be sent to the Match Secretary for approval. Once approved, you automatically become a member of the squad.

4. Once a member of the squad, follow the steps above again and at stage 3 (which gives visibility of all the matches throughout 2020) indicate “Available” or “Not Available”.

5. The team for each match will be selected from those who have indicated “Available”.

6. Selected players and reserves will be notified by email together with details of meet times, dress code, menus and any other special requirements.


Mike Moore

Seniors’ Inter Club Matches Secretary

January 2020