Inter Club Match v Colchester - Away - 6th June 2019


Inter Club Match v Colchester - Away - 6th June 2019


Colchester        2        Stoke By Nayland       6


This match was rescheduled from 1st April due to course work at colchester. The course was worth waiting for as the green staff had presented the tee boxes, fairways, and greens to a high quality, probably the best fairways north of Chelmsford.
The weather was at its best, 18 degrees with a light breeze and sunny blue skies.

Captain Ian Bickers for Stoke and Kevin Prince for Colchester assembled their teams of 16 players each, in the club house with tea or coffee over looking the 18th green at 8am.
The claret jumpers of stoke seniors seeming to fill more than 16 lounge chairs, could the well presented SBN chaps have gained an edge before a ball was struck.
Match pairs 1 to 4 off the 1st tee and 5 to 8 off the 11th tee. Lunch would be at 1.45 in the Parmenter room all for £16 pp.


Match 1Captains
Ian (TWENTY Five yes... 25 H/C) partnered by John Jardin (13) had the 1st tee honour against Kevin (15) & Mike Kettle (13).
337 yards to go so drivers out and all four walked up the first fairway with a spring in their step, yes the grass was very spongy.
Ian being very proud to not loose a ball during the match, unfortunately the beloved ball decided to disappear once the match was called.
The match being decided 5&4 in favour of Ian & John.

Match 2 of Eric Fisher (reporter) (13) and Ray Firth (21) surveyed the open 1st fairway, bunkers left at 160 & right at 180 yards. No Problem for eric with a skied 3 wood and still 220 yds to go. Ray driving dead middle to leave 160yds. Les Daughty aged 78 (19) drove a little shorter than Ray. Next up was
Paul Gathercole (17) who I had known from Brett Vale, deciding to wedge his newly borrowed Cobra F9 driver just 30 yds.
Five shots latter and we halved the hole.
Ray used is shot on 2nd to go 1up.
First Par 3 saw Les sink a 20 footer for a par 3, only for Eric to sneak a birdie = 2up.
Hole 5 sees a putting battle result = 3up.
Hole 7 (index 4) Ray stands over a 10 footer to 1/2 the hole, with a nett birdie - No Problem Phew.
 Hole 8 another putting battle from 30ʼ Les clips the hole 3ʼ past. Eric sinks the birdie putt = 4up
Hole 9 Ray pars the par 5 = 5up
Les wins 10th. Back to 4up
Holes 11 & 12 take us to 6up and we shake hands on 14th with a 5&4 win. We then played back to the club house trying this new F9 driver out (costs £350 ouch).

Match 3
Malcom Jones (15) & Brian Castle (20) what these guys gave in height to John Champ (23) and Michael Berry (19) they made up for with a fine matched halved.

Match 4
David Wilson (18) now Mr Wilson was playing his first Interclub match and who better to guide him, than veteran match man himself John Williams (10) Playing against Adrian (9) and Laurie (?) our guys won 3&1.

Match 5 11th tee start
Bob Filer (14) and Alan Hands (26)Playing Roy Darby (12) & Mike Walsh Aged 82 (15)
Clearly our guys had over dosed on the free coffee, Multi millionaire and big hitter Mike couldnʼt believe their competitors start as the first hole they registered a win was their 11th (course 2nd) to drop Bob & Alan back to 5up. Our guys got the lost hole back on the next par 4 (3rd hole) The tricky par 3 4th hole saw the colchester boys high five themselves with a par, so Bob stood over a 30 footer for a birdie which slithered its way into the bottom of the cup for a 7&5 win.


Match 6 starting on the 11th tee.
Graham Vandervold (10) & Gordon Bryan (22) Playing Mike Sutton (7) & Stuart Thackery (17).
Thriller of a match with Mr Bryan making most of his shots, the match standing them 1up going down the last (10th Hole for them) a tricky pin behind a huge bunker, which 3 balls had found. Result 2up to our guys.


Match 7 11th tee start
Roger (ever ready) Davis (12) & David Wyllie (16) a senior among golfing seniors. playing David Kimble (17) & Clive Kerr (25) who must have paid way over the top for his putting lessons to grind our guys down.
This match had it all mainly Roger shooting 42 points with birdies on 2 of the last 3 holes to see the only loss of the campaign by 1 down. Unlucky guys great effort.


Match 8 11th tee start

So Finally Dave Austin (14) & Steve ling (23) playing Dave Latta (9) & Rob Potter? (17).
Considering Dave lives in Colchester and always arrives early, his last to tee off allowed them plenty of putting practice. The match being halved a very good result.
As all players started to congregate in the bar, captain Bickers eyes looking for his players reactions, as the scores came in and the relief that a 6&2 win had been banked away at Colchester meant the meal would be even sweeter.
At lunch Kevin requested a minutes silence for the D Day 75th Anniversary. A fine sausage & mash main followed by desert custard apple & rhubarb crumble then coffee and raffle draw (sleeves of balls) being the prizes.
The colchester captain giving Bob a special mention in his after dinner joke about online dating “Tinder” and the Golfer who told his new girlfriend that she would have to accept his golf came first, for her to reply she was a HOOKER...... which he said could be a swing fault.


A great day for #Stokeseniors


Many thanks to Eric Fisher for his very comprehensive report of today’s match against Colchester - thanks Eric.


1. Ian Bickers - Captain

John Jardine

2. Eric Fisher - Reporter

Ray Firth

3. Malcolm Jones

Brian Castle

4. John Williams

David Wilson 

5. Bob Filer

Alan Hands

6. Graham Vandervold

Gordon Bryan

7. Roger Davies

David Wyllie

8. Dave Austin

Steve Ling