Inter Club Match v Felixstowe - Gainsborough - 16th August



Inter Club Match v Felixstowe - Gainsborough - 16th August


Stoke by Nayland     5½      Felixstowe        2½

It was on a day of reasonable weather that we took on our coastal friends, and good to see one of our ex, elders in the shape of Steve Wright.

Captain Ian with Barry Hitchcock were fairly happy to walk off with a half, as they were a little surprised to be offered one on the 17th. when all square !...…..they took it and ran.

Richard Middleton along with Bob Filer made a 3 & 2 win, largely thanks to Richard's par on 11, and birdie on 12, then Bob's par on 13....level to 3 up in one swoop, and never to look back.

John Williams & Alan Line played steady golf to secure their 2 & 1 win, and boringly so according to John, so I yawned my way on to the game of ……...

Ian McKay with Adrian Cherry, and nothing boring here, with a cool 6 & 5 win.  Adrian, off 19, had 10 pars, one birdie, and 46 points if on Stableford.   Understandably, when asked of the opponents if anything went well, they replied..." well, we turned up, didn't we ?"

Dave Austin with John Wheatley managed to overcome the super play of Andrew Franks, ( 8 h'cap, 40pts.) largely because his partner, a 29 h'capper didn't do much to help...( his clubmates reckoned he should play off 40 !   They won 3 & 2.

Mike Moore told me he was treated to a golf masterclass by Terry Mitchell with their glory of 3 & 2.   The bandaged up look of Terry makes sense of the " beware the injured golfer" classic. At one point Terry bollocked Mike to get his finger out, so he went and got a birdie for him !   ( are you that good at home Mike ? )

Collin Broadhurst with Brian Castle lost 3 & 1, and put it down to being p***** off by Felix's 25 h'capper outdriving them.!...….that's life boys.

The final game, also losers to the tune of 2 & 1 were the awesome pairing of Roger Davies & Andy Higginson.   To say they were put out by the 4 over gross on front 9 by the 20 h'capper would be understating, but possibly the last straw was when the oppo's drove away in their buggy on the 13th. before Roger had teed off...…...was it something you said Rog. ??

Any old road up, we had a nice meal, good banter as usual...…..and another victory Ian.


Many thanks to Bob Filer for his report of the Felixstowe home match - thanks Bob.


     1. Ian Bickers (Capt)


Barry Hitchcock                         


     2. Bob Filer


Richard Middleton


     3. John Williams


Alan Line


      4. Ian McKay 


Adrian Cherry


      5. Dave Austin


John Wheatley


     6. Mike Moore


Terry Mitchell


     7. Collin Broadhurst


Brian Castle


     8. Roger Davies


Andy Higginson