Inter Club Match v Frinton - Constable - 21st August 2019


Inter Club Match v Frinton - Constable - 21st August 2019


Stoke by Nayland        7       Frinton       1


On lovely sunny day with little wind....Frinton were our guests for another inter club match 

Captain Ian with partner Mike Moore won a hard fought victory 3-1......was nice to see our Captain play all 18 holes!!?

John Simpson and Collin Broadhurst managed a fighting half....but only after making par on the last 5 holes....bloody 25 handicappers 

Roger Davies and Neil Ashwell cruised to a comfortable 4-3 win....however.. a little discord on 16 as Neil enquired of Roger....did your drive go in the pond!!...”no” replies Roger “it’s only 80 yards short of the green......”

Allen Smith and Steve Stacey did very well to get  a half....lots of shots given 

Terry Mitchell and Alan Line magnificent win....... dog licence 7-6.....when asked Terry said “7-6 enough said”

Paul Sandfield and Phil Ledger ease to a comfortable 4-3 win...Paul did a bet before even teeing off!!....apparently he had a senior on his back not to think about it for to long.

David Drew and Alan Hands and another comfortable win for SBN 6-5,....when asked David stated they both played well but not brilliant!! Master of the understatement 

And last but not least.....

Dave Wilson and Ray Firth.....a 4-2 win here.....Dave says the turning point was his birdie on 15...having found the bunker for 2....he then thinned his third onto the green and holed the put.....Frinton heads went down.........remember PS having a senior on his back?....Dave Wilson says it worked a treat!!


Many thanks to Collin Broadhurst for his report on the match against Frinton.


     1. Ian Bickers - Captain


Mike Moore                         


     2. Collin Broadhurst - Reporter


John Simpson


     3. Roger Davies


Neil Ashwell


     4. Allen Smith


Steve Stacey 


     5. Terry Mitchell


Alan Line


     6. Paul Sandfield 


Phil Ledger


     7. David Drew


Alan Hands


     8. Dave Wilson


Ray Firth