Inter Club Matches 2020


The Inter Club matches are soon approaching (the first match being against Brett Vale on the 10th March) and this year, the Seniors section will be using the on-line Club V1 system for all team entries and selections. To date, there are only 27 members who have registered in the squad to play:-



Martin Brown                  Gordon Bryan                  Brian Castle

Adrian Cherry                  Norman Davidson            Roger Davies

Tony Denmead                 Bob Filer                        Eric Fisher

Peter Garnet                    Peter Hele                      Phil Hickley

John Jardine                    Peter Jay                        Alan line

Dick Lumsden                  Ian McKay                       Richard Middleton

Terry Mitchell                  Malcolm Norton                Tony Reeves

Peter Robins                    David Seymour                Paul Sheffield

Allen Smith                      Robert Swan                    John Wheatley



I'm sure there are many more members who want to play in these matches, so please register in the squad through the Club V1 Members Hub/Club Teams app. You will then have visibility of all the matches throughout 2020 from which to select your availability to play in any one or all of the matches.


A guide showing how to register and select availability was circulated by Mike Moore on the 7th January. If you are having problems or require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact him.