The Lighter Side of the Game !


The Lighter Side of the Game


We all play the game for enjoyment and there are numerous occassions on the course when our teammates or competitors go "that extra mile" to make the game even more fun.

Please let us know of anything like this happens on the course, even better if there is a photo available of the fellow member in a right muddle - even better if it is the Captain!

Please take the opportunity of letting other members know about golfing games / tours either in this country or abroad. Please let us have supporting photos please.

Please send to Peter Jay - by snail mail or


* Peter Hele - Hole In One - December 2020

* Barry Hitchcock - Hole In One - October 2020

* John Smith - Hole In One - September 2020

* Tony Carman - Hole In One - October 2019

* Steve Ling - Hole In One - July 2019

Adrian Cherry - Hole In One - June 2019

*  Peter Garnett - Hole In One - April 2019