Senior's Newsletter - August 2020


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August 2020


From our Captain

Now that we are back into competitive golf once more our Seniors competitions are coming thick and fast and thanks to Malcolm Norton the weekly Swindle started back at the end of July. Well done Malcolm I know it’s been a bit of a challenge but worth all the effort I’m sure. I’m especially grateful to everyone taking part as my charity donations are set to be substantially increased as a result.

Firstly, my Congratulations go to Tony Denmead winning the re-arranged April Stableford with 40pts on countback in Div 1 and Dave Seymour 36pts in Div 2

At this stage I want to say I’m definitely enjoying my golf of late and if your enjoying your golf you’re certainly playing well. I’d had a couple of good results in the Summer Singles but arguably the best performance was reserved for the July Monthly Stableford and Presidents Prize 43pts and a 2.5 cut in handicap. Little harsh I think bearing in mind I had to play my next singles match the Monday after.

Congrats must also go to Barry Hitchcock with 42pts in Div 1 on any other day it would probably have walked away with the Presidents Prize. Well done Barry!

Although the entry and scoring for our competitions has been marginally different to what we have been used too I believe it has gone exceptionally well and I can’t thank Allen Smith enough, he must have had a few sleepless nights managing the entries and then having to identify and re-enter many of the scores after our latest comp. Normally a thankless task, but well worth mentioning on this occasion as I know it couldn’t have been easy.

Next month will be just as busy. Fitting in another of our postponed Stableford Comps as well as the normal August Monthly Stableford on Monday 10th The revised May Stableford will incorporate the Captains Prize obviously a very prestigious award for the winner of the day. Finally we have the Medal Cup and Bell taking place on Wednesday 26th August.

Over the next few weeks you will probably see more and more info on the New World Handicap system. We are now only 15weeks away. The idea being to drip feed info so as to enlighten members of its imminent introduction. Members are encouraged to play in as many qualifiers as possible to enable a more accurate playing handicap can be established. Supplementary cards can still be entered by photocopying and submitting by email to Karl. The usual registry and validation is still in place.

In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of the Summer months and play well.

Terry M

Entering Competitions

The system for entering competitions whilst we are unable to block book tees seems to be working well. Particular thanks must go to Allen Smith who has put a lot of time into both ensuring we have a system that works but also in getting results tidied up afterwards – a task that seems to have taken quite a bit of time. Thanks Allen.


A very warm welcome this month to John Gough, Laurie Carpenter and Rod Morgan – John, Laurie and Rod are long standing members of SbN and will be well known to many of our members. Also to Shikhar Chatrath and Mike Stairmand. Shikhar has been a member of SbN for about a year and has been quite active within the club during that time and will be well known to those who support the club men’s competitions in particular – Mike is a complete newby to the sport but extremely keen. He set himself a couple of targets on retiring, guitar and golf. Shikhar’s e.mail address is / Mike’s is – both are very keen to get involved but the current virus issues makes that it a bit more difficult - they would welcome the offer of a game. We are sure you will all make them all very welcome.

Fritz Savelsberg

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Fritz will be known to several our members having been Seniors, sorry Vets, Captain 30 years ago. Fritz moved to the Dominican Republic in 2008. A few days ago we heard from Fritz …..

Hello, members of SBNGC – SENIOR SECTION

Peter Jay tells me some of you still remember me and thought a few words from me to you all might be welcomed. Well, I left the Club in 2008. I had a wonderful time playing at SBNGC and specially as a member of the Veterans Section, as it was then called.

Now, I don’t play golf any more. The vagaries of the ageing process tend to take over sometimes, whilst the numbers keep going up – now 91.  

However, there are so many incredibly happy moments one recalls. - During the MEDAL Competition in 2007 on CONSTABLE I played one of my best rounds, ever. You know the feeling when everything goes according to plan , and the ball just pops into the hole . Nothing can be better. Bob Filer marked my card . Thanks again, Bob!  … MEMORIES!

Life still has its moments, though, and my wife and I are thankful for that. 

May I wish you all the very best on and off the course, hoping you will enjoy your golf for a long time to come.

Fritz Savelsberg - Hon Life Time Member of  SBNGC – Senior Section & Past Captain.

Great to hear from you Fritz – we all hope that we look that good at 91 !!!


At last we are back …… Two Stablefords in July to make a start catching up. Congratulations to Tony Denmead and Dave Seymour in winning their respective divisions in the rearranged April competition with 40 and 36 points respectively.

In the July stableford and Presidents Prize congratulations to Barry Hitchcock, 42 points in Div 1, and Captain Terry Mitchell, 43 points in Div 2. Both outstanding results. Presentations will be dealt with when circumstances allow.

Covid 19

As we begin to get back to some sort of normality a great deal of thanks should be extended to a number of members who have put a considerable amount into the necessary care and attention to ensure that everyone remained as safe as possible. We referred last month to the valiant efforts of our Golf Director, Karl, who has put in a considerable number of hours attending to the necessary arrangements and considerable worry and concern about the future running of our club. Club President, Lesley Garnett, Ladies Captain, Jane Golding, and our own Captain, Terry Mitchell, in particular have put in vast number of hours ‘managing’ the flow of golfers onto the courses. Finally, many Senior members have been involved in supporting the club and green staff with various tasks around the courses – in total 130 hours. Many thanks to everyone concerned.

Forthcoming Diary Dates ……………

Wednesday 5th August                        Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Monday 10th August                            August Stableford – Constable

Wednesday 12th August                       Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Monday 17th August                            May Stableford – Gainsborough

Wednesday 19th August                      Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Wednesday 19th August                      Senior’s Committee Meeting

Friday 21st August                              Committee Cup – Abridge Golf & Country Club

Monday 24th August                            Wednesday Swindle on a Monday – contact Malcolm Norton

Wednesday 26th August                       Medal Cup & Bell – Gainsborough

Wednesday 2nd September                  Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Monday 7th September                        Wednesday Swindle on a Monday – contact Malcolm Norton

Wednesday 9th September                   June Stableford   

Monday 14th September                      September Stableford & Senior Veterans Cup – Constable

Wednesday 16th September                Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Wednesday 23rd September                Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Monday 28th September                      Suffolk v Essex – Constable

Tuesday 29th September                     Senior Past Captains Meeting – Haverhill GC

Wednesday 30th September                Wednesday Swindle – contact Malcolm Norton

Wednesday 30th September                SbN Seniors Championship – Round 1 – Medal - Constable course