Senior's Newsletter - February 2020


February 2020


From our Captain

Already I’m two months into my Captaincy and to tell you the truth I’m loving it. The attention and respect I have been given is great, everyone is being very supportive and I’m thoroughly enjoying the attention it brings. Long may it last.

Relatively quiet month as is usual during January with only one qualifying event taking place the Monthly Stableford and unusually being played off the yellow pots on the Constable course.

Unfortunately, the trend through the month has been vast amounts of rain making the two courses almost unplayable at times. However, the courses have quite remarkedly stood up well considering the deluges they have had to endure.

A review of all the Seniors Trophy’s took place early in January immediately after our scheduled committee meeting. Looking at whether to keep, update/improve, discard or replace as some of them are not now fit for purpose.

Seniors Competitions for February will begin with a 9-hole Stableford scheduled to take place on Wednesday 12th followed on the 19th with the three clubs and a Putter and finally the Monthly Stableford on Wednesday 26th. I hope you will give these three competitions your full support.

Entry for all Seniors competitions will be through HDID the Club V1 App or the Terminal in the Sports Bar.

The usual weekly Swindles are still to be held and will continue to be run by Malcolm Norton.


A warm welcome this month to Ian Archer who has played golf for a while but never managed to join a club. Early days but Ian has certainly thrown himself into SbN with great enthusiasm. Also, to David Close. David will be known to a number of our members having been a SbN member of years. We are sure that you will all make Ian & David very welcome.

Essex County Championships

Our home match against Maylands GC has been set for Wednesday 8th April. SbN members interested in being part of the team should note the date and speak to Peter Garnett who is going to captain the team again in 2020. Those interested in being part of the team should register their interest through the Team section on Club V1 – but please only add your name if you fulfil the criteria – ie either a handicap below or able to play to 18. Some members appear to have already incorrectly included their names on this list !!

Captains Charity

The draw for the St Andrews 4 Ball was completed in December and the successful member was Bob Filer who will be travelling to Scotland in May to test his skills against surely the world’s most iconic course. As a result of members generosity, a further cheque has been sent to Macmillan Cancer Support – many thanks indeed.


Since the December newsletter congratulations go to Tony Denmead and Norman Davidson for winning their respective divisions in the December Stableford

….. and to Lesley Hitchcock and Mike Moore in the Christmas Mixed Greensomes

….. and to the team of Allen Smith, Peter Jay, Ray Firth and Jimmy Pearl in the Yuletide Scramble

….. and finally, to Adrian Cherry and Bill Dastur in the January Stableford

Further info and photos are on the web site.

Congratulations to you all.

Competition Prizes and Results

 Members are reminded that on competition days, if at all possible, after they have finished playing, they are expected to stay for the prizegiving. With greater numbers now entering many of the competitions, this can involve a considerable wait, particularly for the earlier starters - so please try and factor this in when selecting a tee time or zone. For many, this is a welcome opportunity to chat over a drink and something to eat - either recounting feats achieved or trying desperately to forget the day’s round - but if you do need to get away please give your apologies to both your playing partners and the Captain. In order to minimise the delay, later starters should ensure that they enter their scores as soon as they have finished their rounds, ie before taking equipment to cars, showering, etc as the Secretary is unable to close the competition and begin to process results until all scores have been entered. Often, we find ourselves waiting some considerable time for the last few elusive cards to be entered, which is frustrating for all concerned.

In order to try and speed up matters once all results have been entered, the Committee has decided for the immediate future :

1. to stop awarding prizes for the best front and back nines and instead to give a prize for fifth place, which will simplify the process and

2. that vouchers will no longer bear the winner’s name so that they can be prepared ready for presentation in advance, rather than having to be completed after the results are known. (With prize money being credited to members accounts, the vouchers of course have no actual value other than to record the actual amount of the prize).

These changes will be reviewed by the Committee after a period, so please bear with us - and if you have an opinion on them, please inform the Secretary in order that it can be taken into account.

Inter Club Matches 2020

It is already getting to that time of the year when we start to look forward to yet another round of Inter Club matches – the first match, away against Brett Vale is on the 10th March.

The response to join the squad for selection to play in the inter club matches using the online booking system has been good. There are currently 61 members who are now registered. If there are any further members who still require assistance in using the system please contact Mike Moore who will gladly assist. Furthermore, if there are any members who are unable to use or don't have access to computers, they should advise Mike Moore by any other means when they wish to play in any of the matches.

Assistance in entering Comps and Teams On-line

A few members have had difficulty with the on-line system for entering competitions and/or club matches. Most teething problems have been ironed out but we recognise that some members do not have easy access to or are unfamiliar with the required technology. ​If you are one of those members, please do not feel abandoned or left out.​ Just contact the match or competition manager - or the Secretary - and we will happily either show you how to use the system or enter you ourselves. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to miss out on selection for a match or entry into a competition so please do ask for help if you need it.

Wednesday Swindle

Great to see the very support for the Wednesday Swindles despite the recent wet and cold weather. The Swindle is now under the very capable control of Malcolm Norton who is already introducing various changes to freshen things up. Because of the increased numbers, and the need to respect the first tee time arranged, Malcolm has asked if members could be ‘booked in’ a little earlier – generally 8:10, but the time is always included on the web site. It is also important, please, that members arrive in decent time – it is neither acceptable or fair to expect 3 and 4 balls to be switched round on the tee to accommodate late arrivers. If you know you are going to attend but time is tight please let Malcolm know and he can arrange accordingly.

Course News

Winter Project updates

3rd Constable pond drainage

  • By-pass pipe is in place and operating.
  • Awaiting pond to dry before emptying silt (may have to wait until summer)
  • If not completed by summer, the reeds will be cut down to improve visibility

1st /18th Constable Yellow Tee extension.

  • Groundwork is virtually completed.
  • New areas to be seeded as soon as possible

11th Gainsborough White tee levelling

  • Wooden sleepers have been reset and levelled
  • ‘Root Zone’ and seeding due in the Spring

Tree Works

  • Tree behind 4th Gainsborough Tiger Tee has been felled.
  • Tree to right of 5th Gainsborough fairway has been trimmed ahead of felling
  • Conifer to right of 14th Gainsborough tee has been removed
  • Dangerous Willows in ditch by 9th Constable have been removed.

Tee box maintenance

  • Tees will be levelled with ‘root zone’ and seeded early Spring.

Potential further projects

  • Further drainage of 10th Gainsborough fairway
  • Limited path improvements which have been prioritised but will be determined by their continued use after new course construction.

Tee mats

  • Mats where the white inserts get filled with broken tees despite the efforts of the greens staff to keep them clear, will have additional areas placed to the sides which will accept tee pegs.

No Play Zone

  • The area between the end of the 10th Gainsborough fairway and the 17th hole is to be designated a ‘No Play Zone’ because of the dangerous nature of the ground with rabbit burrows etc. Look out for a new Local Rule.

Once again, many thanks to Norman Davidson & Peter Garnett for the time and effort that they both put into supporting the Golf Manager and greenstaff with the management of our courses.




Forthcoming Diary Dates ……………

Wednesday 5th February                       Wednesday Swindle - see web site for times

Monday 10th February                          Wednesday Swindle on a Monday - see web site for times

Wednesday 12th February                     9 Hole Stableford - enter on HDID

Wednesday 12th February                     Senior’s Committee Meeting

Monday 17th February                          Wednesday Swindle on a Monday - see web site for times

Wednesday 19th February                     3 Clubs & a Putter - enter on HDID

Monday 24th February                          Wednesday Swindle on a Monday - see web site for times

Wednesday 26th February                     Monthly Stableford - enter on HDID


Monday 2nd March                                4 Ball Better Ball - enter on HDID

Wednesday 4th March                           Wednesday Swindle - see web site for times

Monday 9th March                                 Wednesday Swindle on a Monday - see web site for times

Tuesday 10th March                              Inter Club Match v Brett Vale - away

Wednesday 11th March                          Monthly Stableford - enter on HDID

Monday 16th March                                Wednesday Swindle on a Monday - see web site for times

Tuesday 17th March                               Inter Club Match v Stowmarket - Away

Wednesday 18th March                           Florida Scramble - enter on HDID