Seniors Newsletter - November 2020

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November 2020

From our Captain

I did expect that I would only be reviewing the end of a very successful year as the Seniors Captain at the AGM, but as we all know that is not going to be possible with the current government restrictions. However I think it needs to be said that this past year has been difficult, it has also been challenging and demanding and it comes as some relief that we have managed to play as much competitive golf as we have.

I’d like to pay tribute to Malcolm Norton, Allen Smith and Phil Ledger for their organisational skills in getting us back on the courses playing competitive golf and thank all of you for supporting them during these difficult times.

On a personal note I’m very much looking forward to being your Seniors Captain again next year and hopefully we will be able to have a full programme of events throughout the year and Covid-19 will be a thing of the past.

This year did not get off to a great start as it turns out with torrential rain. In fact so much of it many of our events had to be called off due to the bad weather and that was the trend through most of December, January and February with the vast amounts of rain making the two courses almost unplayable at times.

But then towards the end of March Covid-19 took over and very nearly ruined the year. But surprisingly we have got through it relatively unscathed. We might have lost a few weeks golf and not had our Summer or Golfing Holidays in Sunnier Climes, but we have all made it without any of our members contracting this deadly virus and in the process we have still managed to play fairly regularly the game we all love.

Even though we had to cancel some of our fun events like the 9hole evening Stablefords, we managed  to catch up on the Winter and Summer Singles events and the monthly Stablefords and were able to stage for the first time the Seniors Championship.

Yes we’ve had our moans and groans about the way things have been run during this crisis, but I suspect like me you have always been able to get onto one of the course’s even if it has been a challenge at times.

Rest assured your Committee have been very proactive in promoting and making representations to the Main Club Committee and Board on many aspects effecting you our members. Most of which have been successful. Sadly, though some we have not been successful with, but always working for your benefit and your safety in mind.

So, as we look forward to another year, we begin with another challenge. The new World Handicap System with its Handicap Index and Slope Ratings. All I can say is good luck everyone I am sure you’ll all master it…. Eventually!

Finally, I want to thank my fellow Committee members who have worked tirelessly to get us playing competitive golf again. For their support to the Club and to me, throughout 2020.

Also, a special thanks to Phil Ledger and to Peter Jay who will both be stepping down this year. Thank you both for the contribution you have made not only to the section, but to the Club as a whole. Gents it has been a pleasure working with you both.

It just remains for me to say “Good luck” stay safe and most of all enjoy your golf!!

Terry M

SbN Club President

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As we prepare to welcome Steve Clark into the position of Club President we would like to take the opportunity of thanking Lesley Garnett for all of her time and effort that she has put into the administration of the golf club over the past 3 years. Lesley was appointed into a completely different role as president than her predecessor and has done an outstanding job establishing and managing the structures that we now have in place – not an easy job at all. Many thanks Lesley – your time and efforts have been very much appreciated.

Finally, our best wishes to Steve and good luck in the next 3 years.

Annual General Meeting

Members will have received the following papers issued in lieu of the traditional AGM :

  1. The proposed Committee for 2020/21
  2. The draft Accounts – which have been signed off since they were sent out
  3. The proposal that the annual subscription remains £10 for the coming year and the joining fee £20
  4. List of prize winners.

The papers were issued on the basis that they would be deemed to have been approved unless objections were notified to the Secretary by 31st October. The Secretary has received no such objections and the proposals are therefore now taken as having been approved and come into effect.

A meeting will be arranged to ratify these decisions and allow prizes to be presented once circumstances allow.

2020 / 2021 Subscriptions

With no AGM being held in the traditional way our treasurer has asked if members could please pay their annual £10 subscriptions by bank transfer rather than incurring the issues of note handling. Would members please arrange this payment to SBN Seniors Golf Section, Sort Code 20-22-69 account number 30985236  Please ensure it is clear who the payment is from.

Covid 19

Your committee is well aware of the considerable concerns that many of our members have of the arrangements put in place in the clubhouse to avoid the spread of Covid 19 and can confirm that these have been taken up with the SbN Golf Committee, the golf club management and the landlords. Our belief is the major offenders are visiting societies. You will have seen the statement confirming that these arrangements will be tightened up and we look forward to these being implemented as quickly as possible to ensure that everyone at SbN remains as safe as possible. We all look forward to the days when we are able to fully use the clubhouse facilities both before and after playing but fear these days may still be a few months away.

Winter Singles

Entries are about to open for the 2020 / 2021 Winter Singles competition. To enter go to Club V1 / Club / Knockouts.

Hunter Trophy 2020


There have been one or two Seniors worthy of recognition for this year’s award, but in the end it was decided to award this years “Hunter Trophy” to Neil Ashwell for his outstanding achievement, running 100K during May and in the process helping to raise money for the Sudbury Storehouse Food Bank Appeal. “Well done Neil” we look forward to seeing back on the golf course very soon.

Neil’s Covid-19 Seventy Plus Challenge took place during lockdown in May of this year and in his words:-

“During lock down I have been thinking how I could support the COVID-19 Sudbury Storehouse Food Bank Appeal. Being over 70 I am self-isolating with my wife who is shielded due to asthma and immunosuppressant medication and her mum who lives with us and is 98 in August”

“I have never been a great runner; I did a half marathon when I was in my 30’s but during lockdown in my exercise sessions I have begun to do some more running. So, I have set myself a challenge of running 70 plus km in May, this could be 100km plus if my Achilles, feet and body holdout”

World Handicap System

The change from a Handicap to a World Handicap System Index happens on the 2nd November – please ensure you are aware of what your new Index is ahead of the 3 Captains Match on the 2nd November which will be the first opportunity you have to use this - please be prepared.

Drive In – 2nd November 2020

Because of the current Covid issues it is clearly impossible to hold the traditional Drive In – anyway Terry has no wish to embarrass himself twice in the 12 months !! Please arrive for your tee time which will be advised to you after the draw is completed

“Rule of Seven”

With the World Handicap System becoming effective from 2nd November, members are reminded that the Club has decided that, in order to be eligible to win a prize in any competition, a player must have recorded at least seven “counting scores” in the 12 months prior to the date of the competition. A “counting score” is either a score from either a qualifying competition or a Supplementary Card (which in WHS terminology is a Social Score).

 It is intended to implement this decision from next March, to allow time for members to build up their playing record – but given that for any score to count the round must have been played over a qualifying course, it is recommended that members submit scores while the state of the courses allow.

In exceptional cases, such as players who are new to the game and players who have been unable to play because of illness or injury, the Rule of Seven may be waived but in general terms it will apply to all competitions throughout the Club.

Course notes

The winter greens maintenance will continue on the Gainsborough for the next week or so. Black lines will be put down again once it becomes too wet to cut the fairways. Please use Divot Ends to protect fairways.

Wednesday Swindle

As we are very close to finishing the Swindle year it gives us the opportunity of thanking Malcolm Norton for the time and effort that he has put in throughout the past 12 months – a great job, many thanks Malcolm. Everything has worked extremely efficiently, not made any easier with the virus issues over the past months.

Inter Club Matches 2021

We expect to resume our inter club “friendly” matches next year starting with Brett Vale (away) on Tuesday 9th March. A full list of matches can be found in the Senior’s diary, the Senior’s Web Site and also in the ClubV1 diary.

For the benefit of new members who wish to be selected for these matches please refer to the section “Inter Club – How it Works” on the Seniors web site or contact Mike Moore (

Please note, as a playing member of the team, you are expected to wear the Seniors white golf club shirt and maroon golf jersey or pullover which have the Seniors club logo on them. If you don’t have these items or need to replace them, please contact Gordon Bryan (

The Seniors golf club shirts (short sleeve white polo’s) are currently £27 each and available in small, medium, large and very large. When the stocks run out, an order will be placed for new ones and the new prices will be advised.

The maroon golf jerseys are £18 each.  Only sizes 40” and 44” are currently available.  When other sizes are required, a new order will be placed, and prices advised.

The Roy Tricker Trophy

The cancellation of October’s Monthly Stableford means that we lost two rounds of the Roy Tricker Trophy, as the very first Monthly Stableford of the golfing year from last November was also lost to the weather – both at the time and more recently when it was  rearranged.

Under the rules of the competition, this means that the result is determined by the best five scores, rather than the usual best six. Such was the dominance of Tony Denmead, that this has not affected the overall outcome with the only impact being in the race for the runner up spot and other minor places.

Many congratulations to Tony who has led the standings from the start and maintained a very healthy lead throughout.

The leading positions and scores are as follows:


     Tony Denmead            43 + 39 + 39 + 40 + 39 200

     Steven Tree                  39 + 41 + 38 + 39 + 36 193

     Phil Ledger                    41 + 36 + 39 + 39 + 37 192

     David Drew                   40 + 42 + 39 + 36 + 35 192

     Peter Hele                     39 + 38 + 38 + 38 + 37 190

     Norman Davidson       44 + 39 + 36 + 36 + 35 190

     Roger Davies                 40 + 37 + 38 + 38 + 36 189

     Ian McKay                      36 + 35 + 39 + 39 + 39 188

     John Smith                    37 + 41 + 34 + 37 + 39 188

     Dick Lumsden               41 + 34 + 37 + 40 + 36 188

Hole In One

Just like London buses – you wait for ages and then two come along at the same time! Congratulations this month to Barry Hitchcock who aced his tee shot on the Gainsborough 9th in the second round of the inaugural SbN Senior Member’s Championship. Well done Barry. John’s HIO was reported last month but no photo was available at that time.



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