Wednesday Swindle - 2019 / 2020

Final positions Swindle 2019 / 2020

Many congratulations to Malcolm Norton, both on superb organisation during the 12 months and victory in the competition over the year - 6 Swindle scores to count.

     1st       Malcolm Norton           237points

     2nd     Roger Davies               235 points

     3rd =   Dick Lumsden              233 points

     3rd =   Tony Denmead             233 points

     5th      Tony Carman                229 points

Wednesday 4th November


     1st         Tony Carman             37 pts on c/b - 21 on back 9

     2nd        Peter Hele                 37 pts - 20 on back 9

     3rd         Allen Smith                35 pts

Monday 26th October

Today’s swindle was played on the Constable course, due to the heavy rain and intermittent sunshine of late, the greens were a bit fluffy and somewhat slower than of late.

After a bit of re calculation and a lot of banter, today’s winners were.

     1st place was Mal Jones with 37 points,

     2nd went to Ian Archer with 36

     3rd on countback went to Roger Davies with 35.

Next week is the last swindle of the season, a superb turnout of 44 golfers is expected.

All to play for with golfer with the six best scores of the season lifting the trophy.

Monday 19th October

Today’s swindle on the Constable course saw 27 golfers making good use of the mild and somewhat dryer conditions, there were some good scores in too.

     1st     Allen Smith                 40 points

     2nd     Neil Farmer               38 points

     3rd     Roger Davies             37 points on c/b

Wednesday 14th October


     1st     John Williams               39 points

     2nd     Malcolm Norton          36 on c/b

     3rd     Mike Moore                 36 on c/b

Monday 5th October

After the torrential rain of late, the Constable course played very well. I think everyone approves of the foam inserts on the flagsticks.

Preferred lies certainly came at the right time as this gave you a chance to clean your ball.

Despite the conditions, a few people managed some great scores.

     1st      Tony Carman              41 points

     2nd     Collin Broadhurst        38 on c/b

     3rd      Ian Mc Kay                 38

     4th      Allen Smith                 38

Many thanks to all of you so far that have made a swindle fee donation to captains charity, to date we have collected nearly £700.00

Wednesday 23rd September

Today’s swindle was played on the Constable course and attracted a good turnout, this was despite the threat of rain.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we adopt the foam inserts that we have on the other course, this must make putting easier.

Today we welcomed a new member, Mark Clark who plays off 12 handicap, he’s been a member at Stoke for over a year and had just joined our section. I had the pleasure to play with him and to witness his excellent ball striking, he can even hit a 1 iron.

There were some really good scores in today which was no doubt helped by the excellent greens.

Winners were:

     1st with 44 Mark Clark 

     2nd with 42 Robert Ogles

     3rd with 41 Tony Denmead

     4th with 40 Roger Gardiner

Wonder how Mark will enjoy his new handicap of 8.

No swindle next week as we have 2 competitions

Wednesday 16th September

Today’s swindle saw 27 players making use of the excellent playing conditions on the Gainsborough course, the recent hot spell making the course play a lot shorter than of late. This was confirmed by some of the cracking scores in.

We were however one player short, this was due to our captain double booking himself to ref the final of the summer knockout.

Today’s winners were:

     1st        John Wheatley             43 points

     2nd      Andy Higginson            41

     3rd       Roger Davies               38 on c/b

Monday 7th September


          1st      Eric Fisher           40 points

          2nd     David Drew          38 

          3rd     Rod Harman         37

Wednesday 2nd September

Today’s swindle on Gainsborough attracted another group of 30 golfers all taking advantage of the late summer sunshine. The sunshine however, made it difficult to locate balls on some of the early holes.

The course, bunkers and greens, all looking immaculate.

Today’s winners were:

            1st    Bob Filer - 38 points.

            2nd   Robert Ogles - 37 points.

            3rd    Ian Mc Kay - 34 points

With the new world handicap system coming in November and the men’s section insisting on seven qualifying cards to gain a competitive handicap.

Although this is NOT a swindle requirement,

Those golfers that need to, could play a supplementary round alongside the swindle.

It’s very easy to do, just sign up on the day online and enter your score.

Monday 24th August

Today’s blustery weather didn’t put off the 33 people that took place in our last swindle in August. Yes, it’s September next week !!

There were some great scores today but the winner was our captain Terry, this was despite a very obvious attempt to protect his handicap on the last hole by putting his ball in the lake.

However, as is customary for coming first and getting 40 points, he’s now playing off 15.


1st place with 40 was Terry Mitchell.

2nd place on count back with 38 was Mike Moore.

3rd place also with 38 was Tony Denmead.


Next weeks swindle is on the 2nd

And shortly after on the 7th.

Spaces still remain for both

Wednesday 19th August

Despite the recent storms and the threat of heavy rain, 36 players enjoyed the Gainsborough course, playing longer than of late but still in great condition.

Thanks to all players for generally picking up the pace of play after some slow rounds of late.

This weeks winners were as follows:

1st with 41 points was Neil Farmer

2nd was Dick Lumsden with 40 points 

3rd was Allen Smith with 39 

GUR Bunkers: There were a few people that played bunkers and a few that didn’t, it mattered not, it’s only for fun.

See you all on Monday  

Wednesday 12th August

Today the swindle attracted 28 players who braved the sweltering conditions and played the Constable course which, despite the recent heatwave was looking and playing very well.

Steve and the green keepers working extremely hard to give us great greens to play on.

Numbers were a bit down this week due to some of our members playing in the club comp.

It is nice to see some new winners this week, although as we know, the real winner will be Captains charity.

First place with 39 was Alex Giddens

Second place with 38 was John Wheatley 

Third Place with 37 was Brian Castle

Fourth place with 36 on c/b was Dick Lumsden


Next week the 19th we are on Gainsborough 

And because there’s a comp on the 26th, the Swindle is on Monday the 24th and there are still spaces available.

Wednesday 5th August

36 members competed in today’s Swindle on a Gainsborough course, excellent tees and greens but very dry fairways. Congratulations in particular to Roger Gardiner with an outstanding 46 points, and Peter Hele whose 45 points would have been a clear winner on nearly every other week.

Leaders ....

1st  Roger Gardiner              46 points

2nd  Peter Hele                     45 points

3rd  Dick Lumsden                39 points

4th  Roger Davies                 38 points


We take your six best scores from each Swindle you play in.

There are still several months left for you all to improve your scores.

Leaders at present are:

Malcolm Norton 236

Roger Davies 230

Dick Lumsden 227

Norman Davidson 225

All still very close, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Today saw the return of the Wednesday swindle.

Many thanks to the 38 people that turned up to play the Gainsborough course which despite recent events, was in excellent condition.

A special thanks to a small group of fellow golfers who get up at 6am to make sure we get to play our swindle at a similar time.

You will know by now that we are not allowed to exchange money, instead your entry fee of £2.00 will go to captains charity. The swindle runs until November, we can all pay our dues then.

This weeks winners were:

1st Phil Hickley with 43 points

2nd Paul Sheffield with 37 points 

3rd Malcolm Norton 35 points ( on Countback)

Finally, let’s all wish Norman and Barry, our very best wishes after their accident !


This is how it works,

There will be a designated group of people that will book their 4 ball tee times at their allocated times, this is as near as we are able to getting block bookings, if you try to book your tee and it’s taken then don’t worry. My minions will confirm they have booked.


For those of you that wish to play, the cost will still be £1.00. I’ll keep a record of whose played and how much you owe, all proceeds going to Captains charity. No prize money paid.


I will need to know who is playing and you can contact me via the usual channels.


Once the entries are in, I will allocate you a tee time.

Don’t worry, my intention is to mix the groups up so you get to play and meet new people each time you play.


If we get a situation where we have more golfers than tee times, I’ll let you know and would ask someone to book a tee as required.


Once you’ve played, someone from your group will let me know your scores, don’t need cards, just points. I will then amend your handicaps as usual. You will be notified if your handicap changes.


New members to the swindle will use their club handicaps.


Let’s make this work !!! 



Malcolm Norton